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The extensive and rich mineral resources are located in the North-Eastern and Western parts of the District. At present mining is the largest and predominant contributor to the GDP of the Province at 57.5% with a recorded annual growth rate of 13.9%. Extensive current and planned mining activities are mainly located in the Lephalale area which has the third biggest coal reserves in country, providing the District with a distinct competitive advantage which could strategically position the area as a continental powerhouse of coal fueled electricity production. The coal fields at Lephalale also currently fuels a number of Eskom's power stations.

Other mining activities include iron ore mining in the Thabazimbi area, and extensive platinum reserves in the Mokopane and Northham areas, which has been ear-marked for future exploration.

The success of mining development hinges on a number of key factors:
  •   Effective transport network;
  •   Water supply;
  •   Service management;
  •   Electricity provision; and
  •   Skilled labour supply.
Besides the mineral extraction process, the emergence of new mining communities impacts significantly on housing development, retail and service supply demands. Some concerns have been raised about processes and procedures involved in prospecting in local areas as well as reallocation of communities due to mining rights and activities. Intergovernmental and inter-sectoral planning across private and public sectors to ensure that appropriate planning therefore should precede unlocking potential and conflict mitigation can take place.
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